Mountain Boot Company –MBC are a company of mountaineering, climbing, outdoor, ski, cycle and sports enthusiasts who specialise in the distribution of the
finest quality and performance products through the best specialist outdoor, ski and sports stores throughout the United Kingdom.

For more info on Mountain Boot Company check their site: http://www.mountainboot.co.uk/


Scarpa — Scarpa is currently a world leader in the production of mountain shoes offering a 360° range to suit everyone’s needs. Whether its rock shoes for the hard sport routes or technical mountain boots for the long winter ascents, Scarpa supply me with the highest quality footwear to help me on my pursuits all over the world.

For more info on Scarpa check out their site: http://www.scarpa.co.uk/


Grivel — Grivel has produced alpinism equipment since 1818, and the company is considered to be one of the world’s best brand names in mountaineering equipment. Grivel’s large range of hardware is perfect for all my climbing adventure needs and I enjoy putting it through its paces and seeing where it takes me on the way.

For more info on Grivel check out their site: http://www.grivel.com/


Deuter: — Deuter has been at the forefront of rucksack design and manufacturing for over 110 years. As a result of this they produce some of the best mountain packs in the world. Whether I’m going light and fast in the Alps or carting masses of food and gear to the Islands of the Outer Hebrides, Deuter have a sack to fill all my outdoor and climbing needs.

For more info on Deuter check out their site: http://www.deutergb.co.uk/


Rab: — What better clothing and equipment to use in some of the harshest conditions in the world, than the gear that is founded and tested in the UK. Scottish winter puts even the best gear to the test, so Rab’s UK based company is second to none. I’m very pleased to be supported by this awesome brand and it’s a long term goal to work and help support a UK based company. So let’s see what amazing places we can take each other in the not too distant future.

For more info on Rab check out their site: https://rab.equipment/uk/ 


Suunto: — Being at the forefront of time keeping and activity logging technology, it’s a pleasure to receive support from Suunto. Their Ambit3 Peak Sapphire is without a doubt the best training aid I have used to date. Plus its mountain weather and gps features make it a big help when out and about in the hills climbing and biking. The amount of hours and miles I have logged since I received the watch just shows how good it is as a training aid and that it fits into so many sports and brackets.

For more info on Suunto check out their site: http://www.suunto.com/en-GB/


Lorpen: — Lorpen socks was founded in the early 1980’s. All of their socks are rigorously field tested in the Pyrenees before they get anywhere near your feet. This ensures that you get the most technical, well crafted socks available. And that means comfortable feet no matter what activity you choose to do. I love the feel and comfort that I get from Lorpen socks and always use them whenever I’m in the mountains pushing my feet to the limits of their endurance.

For more info on Lorpen check out their site: http://www.lorpen.com/


Skitrab — Skitrab is a manufacturer of high end mountain skis that are designed to help their customers reach the most remote and exciting places on the planet accessed by snow. Whether its on the piste or accessing a route high above the glacier, Skitrab help me move fast and efficiently in the snowy mountains all year round.

For more info on Skitrap check out their site: http://skitrab.com/en-uk/skitrab.page


Terra Nove –Terra Nova is a British based tent company of the highest quality. Their tents are second to none, and I’m glad to have such functional gear in my equipment arsenal for all my climbing adventures. It’s also brilliant to receive  such good gear from a company founded and based here in the UK. Keep an eye on my blog for more info and pictures of these awesome tents in use.

For more info on Terra Nova, check out their site: http://www.terra-nova.co.uk/