Over the last two weeks I have mostly been cycling in the Ecrins. We have been doing lots of the clasic colls and climbs. Including Alpe D’huez, Col du La Bonnette and many more. The weather has been amazing except for a bit of wind over the last couple of days. But this just makes the decents more interesting 🙂 . I am planing to cycle for a few more days now and then meet up with my perents when they come out soon just in time for my bank ballance to become £0.

La Dalle Rouge

On the 6th Euan, Damien and I headed for a bit of single pitch cragging on La Dalle Rouge near La Berarde. It was a pleasent crag with some short and technical routes. Me and Damien were fairly tired after all our cycling but we battled on and got a few routes done. Inc 6a, 6b+, and a 7a. Euan and Damien headed home the next day and I went off to see Annette and Steve Irvine for some more cycling action.