Getting Alpine Fit

Recently the weather in the UK has not been the best. This has given me some time to get fit for my up and coming trip to the French Alps. Over the last to months I have stepped up my training from mostly climbing and light cardio. To Full cardio sessions 4-5times a week and climbing 3-4 times a week. I have mostly been cycling and swimming for long endurance sessions and hopefully by the time I leave for the Alps in June I will be in good physical shape to complete the goals I wish to achieve on my trip. Keep an eye on my blog to see how I get on abroad.

Gordale Scar

Over the past two days myself and four friends where down in the very windy Yorkshire. We where climbing the sport routes at Gordale Scar. Mhairi and Damien both made a fast accent of the 7b Last dog, Neil Mcgeachy was trying the 8b Hue Cool and seems to be making good progress on this. Damien, Mhairi and I where trying the 7c extention to Last Dog. We are all psyched for the route and looking forward to getting back down to try it again. Pamela was doing some of the trad routes on the outer wings, she also did the 6a on the smaller sport wall. We all had a good trip and Psyched for some more Yorkshire action soon.