Hot Rock / Wet Rock

Top-Me on Avant Match 7c
Bellow- Me on Energy Positiva 7c+

For the past two weeks I have been on a sport climbing trip to Terradets In Spain. I was away with Neil Mcgeachy and Ally Swinton, We met up with Tom Bulger and Lynne Malcome who have been living out there for the last 7 months. Unfortunately the weather was not the best and it rained a fair amount throughout the two weeks, but despite this we got out climbing most days even if it was on annoyingly wet rock. At the beginning of the second week Jonny Stocking and Allan Casidy come over from an even wetter Rodellar and regardless of the wet rock at Terradets they racked up a good number of accents. Despite the weather and lack of psyche for climbing on wet tuffas I did do my first 7c and I got to see Neil flash his first 7c+ and Ally red point his first 7c+. On the whole it was a good trip and we all had a good time except for the epic return journey which involved us having problems with trains planes and autos, but it was an adventure :-).
I would also like to thank Vaude and Edelrid for supplying me with the equipment that made this trip much better and helped me achieve my goals for the trip regardless of the weather or conditions.

Trip Tickage

Photo: Me on Avant Match 7c

Im away on a trip to Spain at the moment. Over the last week there has been alot of rain but people have been getting stuff done. Day before yesterday Neil McGeachy flashed his first 7c+ and Tom Bolger flashed 8a and 7c+. Today I did Avant Match 7c (red point) on some wet tuffas. Jonny Stocking and Allan Cassidy onsighted/flashed 7c and 8a, then Allan whent on to onsight an 8a+.
Eventhough it has been a very wet trip so far there has been some good sends. Looking forward to some more dry rock later in the week.

Hamish Teddy’s Excellent Adventure

Today I was up at Dunkeld (Upper Cave Crag). Adam, Mhairi and I where trying the sport route Hamish Teddy’s Excellent Adventure 7b+. I got the route on my first redpoint of the day, which was good because it gave me the chance to work on Marlina which is also an awsome route. Adam and Mhairi where getting very close to sending the route and hopefully when we go back up on thursday they will send the route.