Failure Is A Result of Trying

Me on Monty Pythons
Photo credited to Sean Bell

Recently I have had a few trips down to Kyloe In and Out. Over the past week James, Andy Moles, Sean Bell and I have made a couple of trips south to sample some of the awesome bouldering thats hiding in the woods in Northumberland.

Having only been to Kyloe (In) once before, it was good to get stuck into some of the classic problems that this venue has to offer. After a good day on Friday, James, Andy and I headed back down on Monday and this time we spent the morning In the woods and headed to Kyloe (out) in the afternoon. Unfortunately some of the steeper stuff at (out) was a bit smeggy, so we stayed on the dry slabbier problems, which offered some fun smearing and testing mantles.

Andy Moles on Hitchhikers
Photo credited to Sean Bell
James on Bad Company
Photo credited to Sean Bell

Me on Hitchhikers
Photo Credited to James Dunn
Sean on “Jocks and Geordies”
Photo Credited to James Dunn

Erik snow swimming

On Sunday, I met up with Erik for an attempt to go winter climbing. We drove up early, but when we reached the snow gate at Cairngorm it was shut, and the staff member manning the gate said due to excess snow fall he doubted it would be open to head up all day. So we opted for the long walk and set off up the hill on foot.

It was a pleasant walk, and didn’t take us long to reach the top car park. But after a lot of persistence and wading through chest deep powder, we decided to have a quick bite to eat behind some sheltering trees and then bailed back to Aviemore for a coffee. If the wind had not picked up, we probably would have trudged on and got a route done. But the enjoyment soon got taken away when the snow started to blow around. I you don’t try, you don’t get!

It might be time to keep the rock boots on!!!!

Me and Erik having a quick bite to eat

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