Bit warm in them there hills!

pic; me leading the first pitch

Yesterday James and I headed back to Udlaidh. I was hoping to try Andy Turners new mixed line on the lower tier but when I got to the base of the route I found that it was dripping and running with water as the temperature was quite high. Not wanting to knock it down, I decided to leave it for a colder day.
pic; James seconding the first pitch

We then headed over to do “Organ Pipe Wall” because regardless of the temperature this route is mega fat and stable. There were a few parties waiting to climb the right hand line, so we opted for the steeper and more direct line because it looked better and meant no waiting!

Pics; Me seconding the Last pitch (cranking out!)

I lead the first steeper pitch and took a hanging belay so that James could get some of the leading action on the second pitch. It was a good route and even though I had already climbed it earlier this season, the direct variation felt like a completely different route.

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