16/2/10 Cosmiques Arete

On Tuesday Damien and I decided to have a fairly chilled day, but we also wanted to make the most of the remaining good weather as it is forecast to go bad for the rest of the week. We headed up the Midi again and did “Cosmiques Aréte” which is a mega classic route in the Chamonix area. It was a good route with few difficulties but still very enjoyable. It was home to some interesting features in a breathtaking situation.

We moved together for the whole route and after a few abseils, some mixed sections and just under 2 hours of climbing we arrived back at the Midi Station (just in time for a spot of lunch). We ate our lunch and watched the bad weather roll in over Italy, just as the forecast suggested.

It was a good route and I think it definitely deserves its classic status. After we had packed our kit into our bags, we headed for the bin back down the valley and looked forward to getting up high again soon once the bad weather has passed.

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