Roti Flue (TD) Abeniflue

On the 16th, Euan and I walked into the Rottal Hutte (hut) below the North face of the Abeniflue. Early the next morning (3am) we walked to the base of our intended route which is the ridge on the right hand side of the face (TD). We had to take a low detour to avoid some newly formed seracs that had been falling down the previous day. We followed the ridge in its entirety and then to the summit. It involved some fairly technical climbing on suspect rock at times. After summiting we made our way down the South face (F) to the Hollandia Hutte, we stayed there on the night of the 17th. The next morning, again nice and early, we made our way over the Mittaljoch, which is not the recomended way of decent from that Hut. After three fairly intense days in the Mountains we had done 4 routes and had an amazing time and experience.

We are now waiting for a bad weather band to pass over before we can head back up into the mountains and get a few more routes done.

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