Its no fun unless you’re upside down

After a well needed rest day yesterday Ken and I headed back over to the Kroken area. I had had my eye on the M10 called Fission since I had done the M6 left of it 2 years ago. I looked over the moves from the ground and decided to give it a go. I got to the crux on my onsight attempt but I didn’t want to push on and wast all my energy for the rest of the day, so I came down and had a rest. On my second attempt I got up to the crux again and decided to go from clip to clip to look over the moves and go for the red point once I had a rough idea what to do. Just under two hours later I decided to go for my first redpiont attempt and much to my surprise I flew through the crux and got to the good rest. Knowing that I didn’t have enough energy in me to do the crux again, I decided to give it my all and after some very pumpy moves I was at the last hold. But the route wasn’t over until I clipped the chain which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. My arms where totally pumped out and it took me about four times of pulling up and fumbling the clip until I eventually got it. After thinking this morning that I was to tired to even climb today, I surprisingly walked away from the crag after ticking one of my hardest routes and what is even more surprising was that I got it on my first redpoint. Not too bad for a 17 year old, if I do say so myself.

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